June 17th, 2015

12 Ways to Stay Cool When the Air Conditioning Breaks

14 Ways to Stay Cool When the Air Conditioning Breaks

12 Ways to Stay Cool When the Air Conditioning Breaks

With summer coming to Southwest Florida, your air conditioner is going to be working overtime. But what happens when your air conditioner breaks down at the worst possible time of the summer? Here are some ways that you can stay cool even when the air conditioning isn’t working in your home.

1. Reflect your heat – If you want to open up your windows, think about investing in some film that reflects the heat. It will keep the summer heat outside so you are more comfortable.

2. Take advantage of the cool nights – if the temperatures are cooler when the sun has gone down, open up your windows and allow the breeze to get into your home so that it cools the house. Just make sure that you are closing them before it gets hot again.

3. Ceiling fans should run counter clockwise – Most of the modern fans have switches on their sides so that you can reverse the direction in which they go. You want your fan to go in a clockwise direction during the winter so that you’re pushing the warm air to the floor and then reverse it during the summer so that cool air is circulated.

4. Drink cold beverages – This may seem like an easy one but it’s something that you should do. Drinking cold beverages is going to cool your body inside.

5. Put on the right clothes – Light, loose fitting clothing will help you out a lot when you are trying to stay cool.  Get out your tank tops and shorts.

6. Soak a towel – Soak a towel with cold water and then place it on places like your wrists, forehead, and neck so that you can get relief during the really hot parts of the summer.

7. Avoid the oven and stove – These are both going to add heat to your home. The best way that you can cook during the summer is through grilling outside or eating sandwiches and salads.  Slow cookers, pressure cookers and rice cookers are also great options that don’t make the house hot.

8. Use buckwheat pillows – If you are having trouble sleeping because it’s so hot, buy yourself buckwheat pillows. They don’t hold your body heat like regular pillows will.

9. Take a nap – Look at what your pets are doing. Chances are that they are taking a snooze. So if you can, take a little nap so that you can cool off.

10. Help your fan – Turn on your box or table fan, then put a frozen water bottle in front. This is going to help circulate cold air.

11. Plant trees – If you are able to, plant some trees on the side of the house that receives the most amount of sun. This extra shade is going to protect your house from the rays of the summer sun.

12. Keep your shades or curtains closed in the daytime – When the sunlight’s streaming through your windows, it will create a small greenhouse affect inside your home.  Closing the curtains is going to keep the light out.

These are the things that you can do to help your home stay cool even if your air conditioning isn’t working or if you don’t have air conditioning.  If your home gets too hot to stay in it comfortably, it’s also a good idea to go somewhere that has air conditioning, such as a mall or a restaurant, during the hottest parts of the day.

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