May 4th, 2017

3 Common Signs Your AC Needs Repair

Due to all that you use your AC during the year, it’s likely that you’ll have to call and get it repaired at some time. If you find yourself experiencing one or more of the issues below, you should have someone come out and repair it.

1. It’s not cool in your home

If you’re air conditioning is on but it’s not keeping your home cool, it’s probably a good idea to call and have it looked at. This is an issue that isn’t going to fix itself and may be due to a very serious problem. Your thermostat may be bad but it also could mean you have a faulty compressor, that you have broken fan motors, or that your refrigerant is low.

2. Your unit’s leaking water

If you’re noticing that your system is leaking water, this warrants an immediate call to the repair company. This means that your unit is not working well and it could also damage your house. An AC creates condensation naturally, a lot like when you’re taking a glass of something cold to drink outside when it’s hot. The condensation will usually drip into a pan before draining away. But when you have a clogged drain line or pan, that condensation might overflow.

3. Your unit’s making a weird noise

Another common sign that you may need a repair is that there is an unusual or new noise. If you’re turning on the unit and it’s making a gurgling, hissing, or squealing nose, you should call for a repair. Hissing usually is due to leaking refrigerant, gurgling means your refrigerant is low, and squealing means the fan motor has gone bad.

These are the most common problems that you will experience. If you have one of these issues, call your repair company before it becomes too bad.

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