3 Reasons to Lower Your AC Temp Rather Than Turning It Off When You’re Not Home

If you have an air conditioner, one thing that you might think is a good idea is to turn off your air conditioner when you’re not home. You might think that this is going to help you save money. But this actually might cost you more money. Below are three reasons why you want to turn the thermostat up rather than completely turning it off.

It Will Protect the Home from Bugs and Mold

When you turn off the air conditioner, it can cause the humidity levels in your home to go higher. There are two things that really love humidity and that can get into your home:

  • Bugs
  • Mold

A lot of people forget that the air conditioner doesn’t simply cool off the air in the home, that it also works as a dehumidifier. So when the AC is turned off completely, it’s not going to take very long for your home’s humidity to go to 60% or more, which is the perfect environment for bug and mold infestations.

But if you’re turning your thermostat up anywhere from 7-10 degrees, the air conditioning is going to kick on as time goes by to control the humidity inside and create a humidity level that’s healthy from 45 to 55%.

When Your Thermostat is Turned Up You’ll be More Comfortable

The last thing that anyone wants to do is to come home to a house that is stuffy and humid. But if your air conditioning is completely turned off, you’re going to be so uncomfortable when you come home.

That’s why it’s better to turn it up 7-10 degrees because it will help with managing the humidity of your indoor air and it will help with keeping your temperatures tolerable.

Turning the Thermostat Up Will Save You Money

When you turn it up 7-10 degrees for at least 8 hours each day, it can help you with saving 10% on your cooling costs during the summer. You might wonder why this is. But when you are raising your thermostat, you’re going to decrease that difference between your inside and outside temperature. This is going to lower the workload of the AC and save money.

Here are some things that you might do for raising the thermostat.

  • 6 AM: Get up and prepare for your day.at work
  • 7 AM: Increase your thermostat’s temperature from 68-78 prior to leaving your house
  • 6 PM: Decrease the thermostat’s temperature so that it’s back at 68 once you’re home again.

If you’re not sure if you’ll be able to remember to change the temperature of your thermostat? It’s a good idea to invest in a thermostat from the top HVAC Companies that you can program since this will automatically change your temperatures.

These are three reasons why you want to lower your temperature on your AC rather than turning it off when you’re not home. It will help you with saving money and it will also help your air conditioner to last a lot longer. You’ll be a lot happier in the long run and more comfortable.