5 Signs Your Heat Pump May Need to be Replaced

Your heat pump is a very important item in your house. It helps your house stay warm when it’s cold outside. But like all of your appliances, it doesn’t last forever. Below are five ways that you can tell that your heat pump needs to be replaced.

1. Constantly Needing Repairs

Of course, every machine will break down occasionally but usually then it’s fine. But when the system’s breaking down a lot, and you’re always putting out money for repairs, that means something is wrong.

If you are looking at this sensibly, those repairs are going to add up and they’ll warrant purchasing a new system. That is because they can run really high and may be as much as, or more than, a new pump. Also there’s a lot of inconveniences that happen when things are break down.

2. System is Making Weird Noises

All systems are made for running smoothly and there shouldn’t be a lot of internal resistance or friction. That is what engineers are responsible for. When you are hearing a lot of weird noises from your heat pump, it usually means that their moving parts and components are beginning to break down.

Noises from your HVAC system are often traced to some specific components, and these can be loose vents, faulty ductwork, a worn out motor and other things. It’s possible that you can repair those components and make the noise stop. But when there is nothing changing about that noise even when your individual parts are checked and repaired, changing your entire system may need to be done.

3. Increasing Energy Bills and Consumption

When you’re noticing that your energy bills are going up steadily and you haven’t changed anything about your appliance use, this will be an indication that there’s energy being lost somewhere. The situation’s getting even worse. There ought to be a consistent energy consumption average and just when you’ve bought a newer appliance should you see that your energy bill is increasing.

A heat pump is one of the appliances that is frequently run in your house, and that is why it is considered when the energy bills are increasing. An easy confirmation of the systems’ efficiency can be done through scheduled heating maintenance and servicing will confirm if you need a new heat pump.

4. House Has Inconsistent Heat

Do you find that there are parts in the house that are consistently too cold or too hot when you compare them with the rest?  This means that something is going on with the HVAC system. Other conditions that could be inconsistent like the humidity in different sections also will show that you have an issue with your system. If all of your doors and windows are opened or locked evenly, there shouldn’t be a huge difference in the conditions in various areas.

This type of issue normally can be checked when maintenance is being done for the whole system and it can be fixed. It might just be a little issue of your ventilation system leaking or blocked vents. But if it’s become obvious none of the maintenance or repairs are working, changing your whole system’s going to be necessary.

5. Your Equipment’s Age

Even those systems that are really good are going to stop working well eventually. The heat pump that you have is put under a lot of strain from constantly being used and just like anything else, it will have to be eventually replaced. The usual recommendation is that you’re changing your heat pump once you’ve had it anywhere from 10-15 years because the heat pumps are aging internally in ways that are irreversible.

Even if you think that the system is working okay, the age of the system should be considered when you are thinking of replacing it. The reason is that the technology is always upgrading and changing, so it’s going to be a step in the right direction.

These are five ways that you can tell that your heat pump’s going to need replacing soon. The best way that you can make sure that it’s in top working condition is to have it inspected and serviced regularly. This way you know in advance if there is a problem.