A/C Maintenance in Port Charlotte, FL

It’s not just about service…it’s about saving you money and extending the life of your air conditioning system.

With Dale’s Air Conditioning & Heating Maintenance Agreement, you not only get priority service at a discount, but we will work hard to prevent untimely breakdowns from happening in the first place, saving you money in the process.

Get the benefits of prevention with the service you expect from Dale’s A/C Maintenance agreements.

We’ll be on time and in a clean uniform! Plus, we’ll cover our shoes before we enter, lay down work mats to keep our work areas clean and tidy up when we’re done.

Did you know that routine maintenance of your A/C System doesn’t cost you, IT PAYS YOU!

4 Facts About A/C Maintenance

1. There is no need to change of replace the refrigerant in you A/C system. If you are regularly adding refrigerant to you system, you have a leak. That costs you!
2. A 10% undercharge in refrigerant can cause a 20% increase in operating costs.
3. Dirty coils and blower wheels can cause up to a 45% increase in the cost of operating your A/C system.
4. 80% of compressor failures could have been avoided if proper maintenance had been performed.

The Best Time to Solve a Problem is Before it Happens!

Dale’s Air Conditioning and Heating can provide your home or business with a complete professional cleaning and precision tune up for your A/C system with our A/C Maintenance agreements.

Preventative A/C Maintenience

Committing to a good preventive a/c maintenance program is essential to extending the life of your a/c system.

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