The Benefits of Electronic Air Cleaners

If you are looking for something to make your home’s HVAC system more efficient and you want to give yourself and your family better air, one of the things that you might consider getting is an electronic air filter. Below are nine benefits of these types of air cleaners.

Better Efficiency – Even though you can buy air filters that are high efficiency, there aren’t any that can match electronic air filters’ efficiency. The very best air filters are able to remove the air particles that are just one micron big, and electronic air filters are able to remove air particles that are smaller than that. These types of smaller particles will be the ones that are able to affect your family’s health.

Great to Help with Allergy Symptoms – No matter what kind of allergies you have you are going to find that an electronic air cleaner is going to help you feel better. Since they will perform a lot better when compared with the filters, they’re a lot more effective when it comes to removing the allergens from air which means you have fewer symptoms.

Provides Good Airflow – When you are using an air filter that is high efficiency, you’re going to have a reduced air flow. This is because when a filter has a high MERV rating, it means that there is a large surface area required for blocking the airborne particles. This means it’s harder for air conditioners to push that air through its filters. When you use electronic air cleaners, though, you’re using technologies that will pull the particles from the air without restricting the airflow of the system.

Provides an HVAC System Great Protection – Since the cleaners are a lot more effective when compared with air filters, they are going to do a much better job when it comes to protecting the HVAC system against airborne particles. This will help with keeping the air conditioner clean and avoiding breakdowns in the future.

Can Help You Save Money – Anytime particles are going through the air filter of the HVAC system, they’re often covering the coils and lowering the efficiency of the system. This type of cleaner will remove those particles so they aren’t getting into the system.

They’re Simple to Maintain – The majority of the cleaners will only require that you wash your filter once per month. It only takes a couple of minutes and requires just some soap and water.

They Have a Long Life – These cleaners are pretty robust and simple machines. If you’re regularly cleaning it, the cleaner can last decades. This is a cost-effective way that you can have quality air in your home.

They can Trap Dust – The cleaner can help you with saving time dusting and vacuuming your home since it can remove dust from your home’s air.

Higher Quality of Air
– This is the best benefit of these types of cleaners. It’s going to help you with having better air in your home. This is especially important if you’re an allergy sufferer.

These are the benefits that you will enjoy when you use this type of air cleaner in your home. You and your family will enjoy cleaner air and a more efficient HVAC system.

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