October 14th, 2013

Check Your Heating System

Check your heating system in Florida

Port Charlotte: Check Your Heating System!

Port Charlotte, FL – Despite popular belief it does get cold enough in Florida during the winter to require turning on your heater.

Autumn is the perfect time to Schedule Routine Maintenance on your Home Heating System to ensure that it is running efficiently, and effectively during the winter.

Check Your Heating System

1. Replace your heater’s air filter monthly. Since your heater will have to work less hard, it will run more efficiently. Cleaning and removing dust from vents or along baseboard heaters will have the same effect.
2. If your heating system is old, you might consider updating it. A new modern HVAC, is probably 50 percent to 60 percent efficient than older models. Replacing an old heating system can cut your electrical use nearly in half!
3. Make sure all hearing vents are opened and unblocked by furniture or other items. This will ensure that the air is evenly distributed through the home.

Heater Smells like Something is Burning

The most likely scenario is your dirty heating element is burning lint or hair. Dirty heating elements are the main reason they burn out prematurely and can be dangerous. Carefully vacuum the dirt, dust, lint and hair from the unit. Please make sure power is turned off to the electric heater at the service panel before opening up the unit for cleaning.

Air Conditioning & Heating Repair

Save time, money and frustration by having Dales Air Conditioning inspect your HVAC. We will inspect to make sure it is heating efficiently, as well as other troubleshooting that will stop your heater from working during the winter.

Dales Air Conditioning and Heating, is a customer service driven company that delivers unparalleled quality in air conditioning installing, servicing, and maintaining all types of heating and air conditioning systems.

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