How AC Service and Repair Firms Can Help During Coronavirus Outbreak?

The Coronavirus outbreak has the biggest global concern today. Until now, millions of people have fallen prey to the pandemic, and zillions are fighting a battle to beat the spread of this virus. 

While COVID-19 urges people to stay inside their homes and practice social distancing, there’s a significant concern for indoor air quality. Even if you manage to keep away from the infected people,  you cannot prevent the objects in your home from the virus. You won’t notice when it gets carried along with infected hands to your house. The air in your home then passes it on to your HVAC system, deteriorating its quality. 

How Far is Airborne Transmission True in Case of COVID-19? 

Along with the healthcare professionals fighting against COVID-19, HVAC companies are screening the air quality inside our homes. The reason; people are wondering if the chances of Coronavirus spread are more in their homes due to airborne transmission.

According to some intellectuals, today, the world is under the control of large droplets that cannot remain airborne. They spread when a person coughs or sneezes within a range of 6 feet and enters the other person in that range. But the small ones can stay airborne for long. They may still collect at a place, possibly at the HVAC system’s return grille, pass through a duct, and inject into someone in another space. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) also confirms finding initial evidence for COVID-19 in air sampling, suggesting it to be an airborne transmission. 

Here’s How HVAC Companies Can Help You Stay Away from the Pandemic

HVAC contractors and technicians believe AC service & repair technologies can help them address the Coronavirus issues their clients are facing. The professionals can maintain their indoor air quality, employing the best fit heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. 

The efficacy of controlling airborne droplets causing infection lies in three primary solutions. 

  • Ventilation

While adopting other precautions for your safety outside, you must ensure that the house ventilation is potent enough to fight the risk of airborne transmission. 

Higher rates of outdoor ventilation can even reduce the chances of SARS, Influenza, Tuberculosis, and Rhinovirus infecting you. If your house avails of a mechanical ventilation system, keep it on throughout the time you occupy the building. You can then increase the rate of fresh air coming inside. Integrate your ventilation system with the best quality AC equipment to keep away dust mites and other harmful bacteria. 

  • Air Filtration

A filtration system that can eliminate particles from the air is significant in reducing exposure to Coronavirus. 

Now, you may be wondering what makes a filter effective in decreasing the chances of infection. 

When it comes to removing particles, filters double down on trapping particulates and micro contaminants from the air. The density of a capturing filter media increases with the decreasing diameter of pollutants.  

The environments involving critical care employ HEPA (High-efficiency particulate arrestance) filters. They are highly effective in capturing even very minute particles. 

Take a look at the opposite side. If you don’t have your air filters cleaned or changed over time, how would they be able to trap microscopic particles? Coronavirus is even smaller in size than other pollutants. Benefiting from the damaged condition of your home filters, it finds a perfect place to hit the target. 

For sure, you won’t want to hamper your safety just because you have a defective AC filter installed at your home. Clogging filters lead to the accumulation of dust and dirt particles in your air conditioners, affecting its parts. This prevents the proper flow of air through the system. 

It’s high time that you should check your AC filters and get them repaired right away. AC service and repair firms, being aware of the tough situation, would do the job for you. 

For your safety, the professionals strictly follow social distancing and wear masks and hand gloves to ensure a robust protection strategy. 

  • UV systems

Filtration systems need UV support to prevent tiny particles from entering into the air conditioners. With UV disinfection integrated with filters, inactivating pathogens is not a big deal. They reduce microbial load on the HVAC system, which, if left unattended, can spread across the whole building. 

The air in the atmosphere can hold the contaminated droplets of Coronavirus for more than six minutes. The infectious agents can survive for nine days at room temperature. 

You can now imagine how worse the situation would be when you don’t have an efficient HVAC system and equipment working by your side. 

UV fixtures can kill the microbes when they come in contact with the UV energy. As the air circulates through the system, it keeps on decreasing the concentration of pollutants. UV systems also destroy contaminants that settle down on coils, air ducts, filters, and drain pans.

Most of the AC repair firms offer you to install UV-C systems to tweak the performance of your HVAC system. 

At Dale’s Air Conditioning & Heating, we never compromise with our clients’ safety. We offer best-in-class AC service and repair assistance, blended with a custom approach while working. COVID-19 is temporary, but our solutions will retain permanently, assuring long-lasting protection. 

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