December 19th, 2014

Problems Caused by Dirty Condenser Coils

AC Maintenance Tips

AC Maintenance Tips

What is an air condenser coil? Air moves across your “indoor coil unit” where heat is absorbed into the refrigerant in the coil and circulated, through tubing, to your “outside coil unit” aka “condenser coil”.

The fan helps to disperse the hot air from your house to the outside air by blowing it across the condenser coil. As noted, the air conditioner actually “removes” heat, it does not “add” cool air.

A dirty condenser coil creates a number of troubling problems:

1. Your air conditioners energy efficiency drops dramatically

2. Your air conditioner is no longer able to cool your home effectively.

3. Your energy consumption goes up significantly while your cooling efficiency and effectiveness drops like a stone.

4. The life of your air conditioner unit is reduced.

5. Cooling efficiency can drop over 30%.


Quick Tip: As little as 0.042 inch or 1/23 of an inch of dirt can reduce cooling efficiency up to 21%

As you can see, the investment you make to maintain your air conditioner system, such as having your condenser coil cleaned, is well worth the peace of mind it provides you.

Repairs, by their nature, are often unexpected and at the worst possible time. Before the hot summer months, it is highly recommended to consider having a professional, HVAC Technician come out to clean the coils. This strategy will not only head off a potential problem, it will also afford you a timely appointment during a lower demand time.

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